Organizing A Chapter

Step 1 (Before the Meeting)

  • Membership in the National AFRAM Caucus is required. Any member can initiate the meeting.
  • Secure a meeting place
  • Post and distribute a written notice two weeks prior to the meeting. The notice should include an agenda, announce the election of officers, and identify a contact person.
  • Confirm attendance of perspective participants three days prior to the meeting
  • Keep a contact log of everyone telephoned.
  • Choose refreshments to be served

Step 2 (During Meeting)

  • Make sure a sign-in sheet is available. Include contact phone numbers and
  • Ask someone to take the minutes
  • Conduct the elections of Officers and Board Members
  • Vote to become a part of the Local’s Civil and Human Rights Committee or
    to remain autonomous
  • Vote on a monthly meeting date, time and place, Example: The AFRAM
    meeting will be held on the second Wednesday of each month at 7 pm at the
    Union Hall.
  • Discuss organizing strategies to recruit new  members.
  • Prior to ending the meeting collect the sign-in sheet. Make sure it is
    completed and contains all the requested information.

Step 3 Step 3 (After the meeting)

  • Send a copy of the minutes to the National and Regional Presidents. The
    minutes should include a list of the officers, board members and regular
  • Circulate information about your new AFRAM chapter and start recruiting
    new members.
  • Plan fundraisers to provide financial assistance in running the local chapter and to assist at least five members to the National and Regional Conferences.

Additional Considerations

  • Elect at least  four officers and five more board members. Keep the total
    numbers of the total officers uneven. In the event a tie exists, the President
    or Chairperson votes to break the tie.
  • Decide if the newly created AFRAM Chapter will be under the Civil and
    Human Rights committee within the Local or remain automatons. If the
    AFRAM chapter is under the Civil and Human Rights committee, all
    decisions will require the approval from the Local’s Executive Board.

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