2015 AFRAM Conference Westin

We are pleased to announce that the AFRAM 2015 Leadership Conference will convene April 17-19, 2015 at the Westin Detroit Metropolitan Airport in Detroit Michigan.

From the office of the President FieldsofDream

Dear SEIU African American Caucus Members and Friends:

It gives me great pleasure to welcome each of you to the SEIU-AFRAM website. This site gives SEIU members of African descent an opportunity to network, renew old acquaintances, develop new friendships and devise strategies on how we can increase our contributions to the goals of our Union and positively influence our communities.

The African American community faces tremendous challenges and we cannot expect SEIU or any one organization or institution to solve them for us. History has shown us that people of like minds, dedicated to taking positive action can change the world for the better. Our people throughout the history of America have been charged with the task of fighting for Freedom, Justice, Equality and our share of the best that America has to offer.

Since its founding in 1996, AFRAM has played a significant role in providing education and leadership development experience for people of African descent. AFRAM has consistently reminded our Union that our leadership should reflect the membership. We believe that diversity is not a slogan, but a strategy based on sound moral principles for living in the world community, especially in the 21st century.


Past Meetings

It looks like we have a place to have an Eastern Region Executive Board Meeting on Saturday, March 27, 2010. Veronica has confirmed the 1199 New Jersey office. I am requesting an address from Veronica to send to you all. Due to the short notice I am asking that you RSVP to see if this is doable. Also, I am trying to do an agenda, so if there is something that you would like to have on it, please send that too. If you have contacts with other board members please notify them of this meeting. If the New Jersey location so desire, we may can have a meet and greet for any non Executive Board Members that may wish to meet us. We will probably need a count. Kyle, and or Valerie, can you notify the members in Philly. Some one may want to come to represent the group.



The National African American Caucus of the Service Employees Union (SEIU) is committed to enhancing opportunities for education, training mentorship, leadership development and networking for SEIU members and staff of African descent.

We further engage to promote social, economic and political justice within our workplace, our communities, our nation and within our union.

We shall further encourage our members to actively engage in efforts to organize the unorganized and to fully participate in the development and implementation of labor’s political agenda and programs.

New President

SEIU AFRAM elected the new president April 2009 - Roderick Bashir.





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